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various types of dental bridges

What are the Various Types of Dental Bridges?

A tooth gap occurs whenever you lose a tooth or have it removed. However, the gap can further result in many other health issues within your mouth. The nearby teeth can start drifting and shifting, thus interfering with your bite. In addition to it, soreness in the jaw and excessive wear of the adjacent teeth are other problems that occur due to a teeth gap. It allows plaque to spread towards more areas and thus causes a significant risk in the development of gum diseases and tooth decay. Thus people may prefer advanced treatment techniques such as dental implants for replacing their missing teeth. However, it is expensive. Dental bridges could be the right choice for those looking forward to an affordable solution for their missing teeth. 

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge can be defined as an artificial tooth customized for a patient who is missing a tooth. It is intended to give the patient a tooth that looks similar to their natural teeth. It is anchored next to the adjacent tooth where the tooth gap is present. Various types of dental bridges exist. Each of them is made up of different materials. Depending on where the tooth is missing, a dentist in Burbank may decide which type of dental bridge is required for the patient. A temporary bridge will be provided to the patient until a permanent one has been created. It is one of the best options for those who cannot afford dental implants.  

Dental Bridge and Its Types

Dental bridges are made up of different materials such as porcelain and metals. A cosmetic dentist in Burbank will carefully examine which type of dental bridge is the most effective for you. 

Dental bridges are broadly classified into three types. They are;

  • Fixed Bridge
  • Maryland Bridge
  • Cantilever Bridge

Fixed Bridge 

It is a dental bridge designed to fill a tooth gap using an artificial tooth placed between two dental crowns. The purpose of crowns is to support a bridge, and it is cemented next to the adjacent teeth of the gap so that it looks natural. It is also not removable. 

Maryland Bridge

It is tailored for the front teeth. It is an area where pressure is less applied since the back teeth perform most of the chewing tasks. It is a resin-bonded bridge with metal or porcelain wings attached to the artificial teeth. It is bonded to the adjacent teeth on both sides where the tooth gap is present.

Cantilever Bridge

Similar to a fixed bridge, it is also placed by bonding it to an adjacent tooth. It is only bonded to a single tooth. It is used whenever there are no teeth on both sides of the gapped area. 

Dentists in Burbank will consider your budget, the placement of the bridge, etc. in determining which type of dental bridge has to be used for regaining your smile and dental health. Visit the best dentist in Burbank for affordable and superior services such as dental bridge treatment.