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Partial Dentures in Burbank, CA

Removable partial dentures are handcrafted according to the patient’s specifications. Here at DNA Dental Studio, we take care of the patient’s dental care needs. Partial dentures look natural and will also help you to restore your ability to eat properly as well as your speech clarity.


Partial dentures are made of a combination of metal and acrylic or entirely out of acrylic. If your teeth are remaining, then it is essential to keep them healthy and to protect your gums. The natural teeth can be used as an anchor to fix your partial denture in place. The success, however, depends on how well you maintain the health of your natural teeth and avoid dental issues such as periodontal disease.

Dr. Dino &  Dr. Angie will design your partial denture so that chewing force is properly distributed across the entire surface of your remaining teeth and tissues. Certain changes may be recommended to the rest of your teeth to equalize the chewing force.

A removable partial denture is usually made up of a metal frame with teeth connected to it. Clasps are used to secure the metal framework to the teeth. If your teeth are not in the perfect position, we might insert an implant with an attachment( rubber gasket) to help anchor the denture in.  This results in a denture that has no noticeable claps. Dr.Dino, or Dr.Angie, will discuss with you to select the best partials for your situation during your appointment session.

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  • Helps you to regain your natural smile
  • Retains your natural teeth
  • Fills the gap left by your missing teeth
  • A cost-effective choice
  • Improves your oral health
  • Restores your chewing abilities and improves speech

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