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When you receive brand-new dentures, they basically fit your mouth as they are tailor-made specifically for your gums only. But with time, gum tissues slowly change which in fact, makes the dentures become loose. This heightens the chances of them shifting inside your mouth and being the only reason for several issues or uneasiness. Opting for the professional relining of dentures after 1-2 years keeps them safe and secure and more functional.

New dentures will typically fit your mouth very securely as it has been designed specifically for your gums. As time goes on, your gum tissues will denture will become more loose and thus more prone to movement inside your mouth.


Full dentures are an entire set of upper and lower teeth. These are used mainly when maximum if not all of your original teeth are missing. While this becomes one of the more extreme and rare conditions, our dental team has great experience in dental repairs, which makes us your apt choice to achieve an amazing new smile.


Most people cannot opt to wear ordinary dentures due to tenderness in their gums or sore spots. In that case, we recommend you to receive the denture relined with the help of material that stays flexible enough for a minimum of two years. This is can save you from the trouble of visiting a dental office again for a new replacement. Using that material lessens the chance of suffering from sore spots which can be the problem with hard reline acrylic. The people who keep on facing such troubles may opt for a more permanent solution like implant retained dentures. At DNA Dental Studio, we recommend solutions to match your specific requirements.


A person’s gums can turn reddish or swollen if his/her dentures have not been check and serviced for a great amount of time. This can develop issues while taking impressions for a new hard reline or soft reline.

Dentists advise receiving a temporary, palliative, or reline material to lessen the irritation. The reline is generally soft and flexible and makes the denture appropriately fit your mouth. The gums can return to a normal state after some weeks. The individual is then all prepared to receive a reline or a brand-new denture.

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