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Despite brushing, flossing, and going for dental cleaning sessions regularly, you can suffer the problem of tooth discoloration or yellowish teeth. Many people get their desired smile by just going for the simple “bleaching” or teeth whitening treatment offered at our dental office.


Teeth whitening can be defined as the most effective way to get rid of the yellow stains on your teeth. It not just restores the beauty of your smile but can also help you avoid serious dental problems in the days to come. Here at DNA Dental Studio, we provide our patients with the most effective teeth whitening options so that they can have a perfect smile. This method is cheap, yields great results, and takes less time. 

Getting your teeth whitened removes the deep stains from your teeth. Intake of various food items or beverages such as chocolate, red wine, coffee, tobacco, tea, etc can hamper the shine of your teeth and in turn, make your smile look dull. Most people do not realize if they have discolored teeth until it shows prominently. We have a team of dentists and other dental professionals who are not just adept at dealing with such issues with ease but also provide the best possible solution. 

People often complain about how their teeth become sensitive after using the whitening products available at the market. This is not the case with the in-house teeth whitening treatment. The entire process is performed under the observation of a trained dental professional. Hence, there is no scope for you to face such a circumstance. If the teeth discoloration or stains on your teeth is beyond repair, dental veneers remain the only viable option.   


Your teeth can be brightened with the help of numerous options.

  • Controlled gel formulas: Highest quality whitening formulas are generally used by us to ensure the consistency and safety of the treatment process. You should have an idea about the temperature-sensitive gels that are kept in an uncontrolled setting and an unknown environment.
  • Customized mouth trays: As mentioned before, teeth whitening is not perfect for very severely stained teeth. You may be recommended to get porcelain veneers or crowns in such a condition. This is another way of doing teeth whitening. The mouth trays are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. Once the trays are positioned on the teeth, the gel which is present in the mouth trays cleans the teeth. 

As mentioned before, teeth whitening is not perfect for very severely stained teeth. You may be recommended to get porcelain veneers or crowns in such a condition.

Our dentists Dr. Angie and Dr. Dino are here to help you achieve the desired smile. So, if you have yellow stains on your teeth and are looking for a top-quality whitening treatment, do contact DNA Dental Studio. All you need to do is just give us a call. Our dentists will guide you to pick the options that suit your requirements.


Final Words

Professional teeth whitening treatments are the best way to get rid of yellowish teeth. Try to avoid the products that are available at the drug stores. Give us a call when in need!

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