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Dental sealants protects the teeth

How Do Dental Sealants Protect The Teeth Of Your Kid?

A child’s teeth are vulnerable to cavities and tooth decay. Hence it is vital to protect the teeth of your kid. The risk of cavities can be substantially reduced by sealing the teeth. It is best recommended for young children in the early stages of learning to brush their teeth. Dental sealants are a thin, plastic coating placed directly on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The teeth portion covered is the molars and premolars. The primary purpose of dental sealants is to provide a protective film that prevents the food from getting stuck between the crevices. It also prevents bacteria from getting into the tooth enamel. 

Dental sealants minimize the chances of cavities getting developed within the teeth. It acts as a shield. So even if your child misses brushing their teeth or does not floss properly, a certain level of protection is still in place with the help of sealants. Keeping the molar intact during the childhood years is essential. Dental Sealants ensure the molars are kept cavity-free with the help of an effective coating. The fewer dental problems a child has, the fewer dental problems they will have when they grow up as adults. Kids can also have a white and bright smile with their teeth staying healthy and strong. 

How do sealants protect teeth?

The plastic coating of the sealant ensures food does not come into contact with the enamel. Thus, it prevents your enamel from getting affected by the bacteria’s acid. Even though children and adults can prefer it, a pediatric dentist mainly recommends it. Compared to a filling, it is more accessible and straightforward. The procedure also does not involve any pain. First, a dentist will clean and dry each tooth before applying a prep gel. The gel will then be rinsed off after a few seconds, and the teeth are then dried again. Once done, the dentist in Burbank will then apply the plastic coating above which a special blue light will be used to harden the material. 

Dental sealants are more robust and durable. However, it is never a replacement for brushing or flossing. You should ensure that your kids brush and floss regularly. Apart from that, it would be best if you also took them to regular dental checkups and tooth cleanings. Dental sealants are the most effective if the kids maintain good oral hygiene. Are you looking for affordable dental care providing dental sealants? Visit your nearest dentist in Burbank, CA, for best-in-class dental services.