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Teeth Whitening in Burbank

Teeth Whitening: Why It’s the Safest and Most Effective Option?

Are your teeth not as pearly white as you would like them to be? You may have considered whitening them on your own with over-the-counter products. However, it is important to remember that the safest and most effective way to get sparkling, white teeth is by visiting a professional dentist. Let’s explore why you should use this route when it comes to teeth whitening.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening is Best?

Professional teeth whitening offers several advantages over alternative methods. Here are just some of the reasons why you should visit a professional dentist for your teeth whitening needs:

1) Supervised Treatment

When you visit a professional dentist, they will monitor your treatment every step of the way. The doctor will customize the procedure based on your oral health, tooth type, and other factors. Plus, they can adjust any part of the process if needed. This means that you won’t need to worry about experiencing any adverse side effects from an ill-fitted product or incorrect technique.

2) Professional Grade Products

The products used by dentists have been specially formulated for safe usage in dental practices. The concentrations are higher than those found in store-bought products, making them much more effective than anything available off-the-shelf. With professional-grade products comes higher quality results; meaning that you can get whiter teeth faster and easier than ever before!

3) Safe Results

When you receive supervised treatment using professional-grade products, there’s no risk of any adverse side effects or complications arising from incorrect application or usage of unsuitable products. This ensures that your results last longer and look better too!


When considering options for getting whiter teeth, always opt for safe professional dentistry services supervised by experienced professionals who know exactly how to give you the best possible results without compromising safety or efficacy in any way! Professional-grade products make all the difference when it comes to achieving beautiful smiles quickly and efficiently don’t waste time trying out ineffective DIY techniques; go straight to specialists who have years of experience in providing top-notch dental care! With their help, you can finally achieve those sparkling white pearly whites!


1) Is professional teeth whitening safe?

Yes, absolutely! Professional teeth whitening is performed with closely monitored supervision and high-quality products which makes it much safer than DIY methods or store-bought kits.

2) How long do professional teeth whitening last?

Typically 3-4 months depending on how well you maintain oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice daily, flossing regularly, etc.

3) Does insurance cover teeth whitening services?

Generally speaking no, but it varies greatly depending on what kind of coverage plan you have so it’s best to check with your provider first before booking an appointment with a dentist for a consultation.