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Why Denture Relines Are Vital For Your Oral Health?

Dentures provide a reliable solution for individuals with missing teeth, restoring their ability to eat, speak, and smile confidently. However, over time, the shape of the jawbone changes, leading to a poor fit of the dentures. Denture relines are essential for maintaining optimal oral health and maximizing the comfort and functionality of dentures. In this article, we will explore why denture relines are vital for oral health.

Understanding Denture Relines

Denture relining involves reshaping the inner surface of the dentures to ensure a proper fit and optimal function. It helps compensate for changes in the jawbone structure, preserving the integrity of the dentures.

Types Of Denture Relines

There are two main types:

1. Soft Relines 

Soft relines involve the application of pliable material to enhance denture comfort by providing cushioning and reducing sore spots.

2. Hard Relines: 

Hard relines involve adding a new base material to the denture, improving fit and stability.

Importance Of Denture Relines

1. Enhanced Comfort

Over time, changes in the jawbone structure can cause dentures to become loose and uncomfortable. The relines help ensure a snug fit, reducing irritation and soreness and enhancing overall comfort.

2. Improved Functionality

Ill-fitting dentures can lead to difficulties in eating and speaking. These relines restore proper alignment, allowing for improved chewing efficiency and clear speech.

3. Prevention Of Gum Irritation

Loose or ill-fitting dentures can rub against the gums, causing sore spots and potential gum irritation. Denture relines help eliminate these issues, reducing the risk of gum inflammation and infections.

4. Preservation Of Jawbone Structure

When teeth are missing, the jawbone can gradually deteriorate due to lack of stimulation. These relines help distribute bite forces evenly, stimulating the jawbone and promoting its health and preservation.

Signs That Indicate The Need For Denture Relines

1. Loose Or Unstable Dentures

If your dentures feel loose or move around when eating or speaking, it is a clear sign that a denture reline is needed to restore proper fit and stability.

2. Difficulty Chewing

If you experience difficulties chewing or notice a significant decrease in your ability to eat certain foods, it may be due to ill-fitting dentures requiring a reline.

3. Irritated Or Sore Gums 

Persistent gum irritation, sore spots, or redness can indicate that your dentures are not fitting properly and require adjustment through a denture reline.

4. Seeking Professional Dental Care

To ensure the best results and optimal oral health, seeking professional dental care is crucial. A dentist will evaluate the condition of your dentures, assess your jawbone structure, and determine the appropriate type of relining necessary to improve the fit and function of your dentures.

The Bottom Line

Denture relines are essential for maintaining optimal oral health and maximizing the comfort and functionality of dentures. By ensuring a proper fit, denture enhances comfort, improves functionality, prevents gum irritation, and preserves the jawbone structure. If you experience any signs of ill-fitting dentures, consult with our Burbank dentist to determine if a denture reline is necessary. Invest in your oral health and enjoy the benefits of well-fitting dentures for a confident smile and improved quality of life.

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