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Dental Bridges In Burbank

Bring Back Your Lost Smile With Dental Bridges

A missing tooth is indeed a serious matter and can also make you feel uncomfortable. Isn’t it? Dental bridging is one of the solutions, through which you can supplant your missing teeth with artificial ones. A Dental Bridge is a custom-made replacement of a tooth, popularly known as a pontic. Your dentist inserts it between either of the two teeth. 

The bridge adjoins your natural teeth on both sides of the gap which is left by missing teeth. Bridges are generally made up of gold, porcelain, alloys, or a mix of these materials. 

This sort of dental practice comes under the restorative dentistry procedure. The bridges look pretty similar to the shape of your natural teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

There are naturally four kinds of dental bridges. Those are as follows:

  • Traditional
  • Maryland 
  • Cantilever
  • Implant-supported

Your dentist will suggest which type of bridge is right for you, based on your specific requirements.

How does a bridge help you?

When you have a missing tooth or teeth, it may affect your overall health status in several ways. A dental bridge is a good solution to these health issues. They resolve them in no time. These include:

  • Bridges are generally small and lightweight.
  • It retrieves your ability to chew in an improved manner
  • They improve your smile
  • Safeguards your adjacent teeth from moving outside
  • Bridges are comfortable and effective
  • Blends perfectly with your natural teeth
  • It saves the shape of your face
  • Helps your capability to speak
  • The stability and durability factor is way better than dentures
  • They are less invasive and less expensive than dental implants

 How will your dentist treat you? 

  • For the purpose of providing a dental bridge, the dentist checks 2 healthy teeth on either side of your missing tooth or teeth.
  • Secondly, your dentist takes a model of your tooth/teeth in order to design your bridge.
  • Next, he/she gives you a temporary bridge while the permanent one gets ready in the lab. 
  • Lastly, the dentist gives your permanent bridge once it is ready. Then they are cemented to your neighboring healthy teeth.

There is also another technique, where the dentist surgically implements the bridge in your jaw.

How to maintain your Bridges?

Dental bridges are durable generally for 5-15 years or even longer. But this will happen only if proper care is taken. Also, they might fail, due to the failure of the cement. For that:

  • Intake soft foods and reduce your sugar intakes
  • Always follow a proper oral routine such as brushing, flossing, using an antibacterial mouthwash
  • Go for dental check-ups on a regular basis.

Get the Help you need!

You can get in touch with DNA Dental Studio if you want to receive the best dental bridges in Burbank, CA. Your Dentist in Burbank strives hard to deliver the best treatment and quality care to the patients for any of their dental issues along with optimal comfort. You won’t be disappointed! We are just a call away.