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Composite Restoration

Reasons You Need Composite Restoration For Your Teeth

When cosmetic dentistry came out, it was a significant change in dentistry. Even though modern technology has made it easier for dentists to figure out what’s wrong with teeth, cosmetic dentistry has been a game-changer for fixing teeth and keeping them looking good.

Things that happen with time (such as dental problems and cavities) might make your teeth less intense and look bad. Both the state and the appearance could be changed. An ugly or crooked tooth could be enough to make you feel less confident in your own body. To stop bacteria from growing in dental cavities, they need to be filled immediately.

Fillings Are Used in the Mouth to Make It Look Like It Has a Lot of Space

Even a few years ago, dental restoration was a big deal. Metal or amalgams were used to fill in the gaps in the teeth. The use of teeth-colored composite resins can help restore your teeth’ functionality, morphology, integrity, and tooth structure.

In some cases, the teeth might get hurt or become infected, making them weaker and less intense. Dental prosthetics and implants can help restore the teeth’s functionality, but they may not keep their aesthetic value.

Tooth fillings fill in the space left after your dentist removes your tooth or part of your tooth that is decayed. It can also be used to fix or restore a tooth that has been broken or chipped.

Burbank Dentist: What to Expect with Fillings

It is possible to use dental fillings to cover up the space left when you remove cavities from your teeth. The dentist will often use local anesthesia to clean out holes, but this is not always the case. This depends on how much pain the patient can handle. A laser beam or a drill can be used to get rid of the tooth that has been decayed.

To ensure that all the cavities have been removed, the hollow dental cavity must be dried before a dental filling can be put in. You use glass ionomer or a type of composite resin to put in your teeth if they need to be filled close to your gums. The process is over when a “special blue light” is used to harden the composite resin layers quickly.

Materials Used to Fill in the Gaps in Your Teeth

It’s up to you what kind of materials you want to use to make your teeth and dental fillings look the way you want. Metal fillings can be used on the teeth that are used to grind. 

Tooth-colored composite resins have a lot of benefits and are safe to use, but they can be hard to find. So that you can have composite resin filler.

If you want to fill in your teeth with composite resin, here are some reasons why you should go for it:


These composite fillings are made to look like your natural teeth. They are best for front teeth, which are more visible than the back teeth. Metal fillings can make things look less beautiful.

Getting to Know Each Other

Because the composite filling is applied in a molten state, it bonds to your teeth’s structures in a small way. Unlike metal fillings, the composite resins stick well to the teeth and can help the teeth that are weak or have been chipped.

Being Able to Do Different Things

The primary purpose of dental fillings is to cover up the gaps in your teeth. On the other hand, composite dental fillings can also help to fix or repair broken or chipped parts of your teeth. Composite resins are used to fill in empty spaces and strengthen teeth that are weak or chipped.

Retaining the Teeth That Have Come Out

Most dental prostheses need to be scraped off a small amount of your enamel before they can be put in. The composite fillings can be put on your teeth’s biting surface without having to cut off the enamel to make room for the filling.

Keep Your Things Safe

People who have metal in their bodies can have bad teeth in the long run. Furthermore, the noble metals are also pricey. People who have composite resin fillings don’t have to worry about mercury found in amalgam fillings.

It Costs Less

Because composite resins are cheaper than traditional dental fillings made of metal or porcelain, more people get them.

The Non-Invasive Treatment

This treatment is generally non-invasive and can be done in one visit to the dentist. Composite resins can be used. At DNA Dental Studio in Burbank, our cosmetic dentists can use composite resin fillings that aren’t painful.