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Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Our team is always striving to improve your dental experience. In October, we attended a 2-day seminar, “Foundations of Practice Mastery”, in which we learned some ways to make your dental visits more pleasant.

Did you know that you can change anything in your life by changing your view of it? This principle applies to every area of life, and you can coach yourself to change negative attitudes and feelings into positive ones simply by telling yourself what to think.

Change Your Thoughts On Dental Care

In dentistry, many people fear the unknown. Our team is here to answer every question you may have about a procedure or health issue that you are experiencing. If you know what to expect, you can change your view. then that fear no longer keeps you from receiving the care you need and deserve for a healthy mouth.

Our attitude in life will determine our success and happiness. Attitude is contagious, is yours worth catching?

As a team, we spent some time brainstorming on our vision statement for our practice. We had to determine what type of practice and atmosphere we wanted for our patients. Our main idea was to provide painless, efficient, comprehensive care in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere.

Based on all that we learned in this 2-day seminar, we came up with the following vision statement that we feel embodies all that we are striving for.

Our Vision Statement

DNA Dental Studio is a general dental office that provides comprehensive care in a painless, efficient manner. Our friendly staff provides a comfortable atmosphere to help our patients transform their lives through a healthy smile.