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Tooth Extraction in Burbank

Why Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Tooth extractions are relatively simple and can help improve your dental health. Our dentists at DNA Dental Studio have provided information on the necessity of tooth extraction in this blog. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Tooth Extraction?

A dental procedure known as a tooth extraction involves removing a tooth from its dental alveolus or socket. An oral surgeon is typically the one who extracts teeth. However, as part of their core competencies as dental practitioners, general dentists and periodontists also do tooth extraction treatments. Before removing a tooth, your Burbank dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, gums, and teeth. Although it is preferable to retain your teeth, if this is not possible, we ensure the tooth extraction process is as painless as possible. Before extracting the tooth, we ensure the area is thoroughly numb.

Why Is A Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Milk teeth and permanent teeth are divided into two sets for each patient. The body creates its initial set of teeth as milk teeth. The second set of teeth, the permanent teeth, replace the milk teeth once this first set of teeth falls out. Permanent teeth are designed to be long-lasting. However, in the following situations, tooth extraction might be required:

Irreparable Damage

This occurs when tooth decay spreads to the pulp in the tooth’s center. By invading the pulp, the bacteria created by the decay might spread an illness. If so, a root canal surgery could be used to treat the infection. Extraction may be done to stop the disease from spreading, though, if the condition is severe. Your dentist in Burbank will inspect your troubled tooth and advise the best course of action. Whether you require a tooth extraction or a root canal, we will always use the safest, most comfortable, and painless approach to meet your dental needs.

Required After Accident

The first choice is always to keep the patient’s teeth when an accident, like a car collision, occurs and the patient needs dental treatment. Getting veneers, crowns, bridges, or dental bonding might be advised. However, tooth extraction can be necessary if the dental problem is severe.

Fix Issues Of Overcrowding

To relieve the mouth’s overcrowding, it could be required to extract one or more teeth. This is also advised when the patient needs to receive orthodontic treatment and there isn’t enough room for the teeth to move and realign. Your Burbank dentist will determine how crowded your teeth are and whether there is adequate space for them to move and realign themselves. When there is not enough room to correct your teeth, tooth extractions are advised.

Fixes Issues Of Impacted Tooth

The tooth is said to be impacted when a tooth is prevented from coming out by tissue or when the gums have not fully erupted. This frequently occurs with wisdom teeth. Your dentist in Burbank may advise extraction to stop the impacted tooth from harming nearby teeth. Infection and crowding risks may be reduced by extracting an impacted tooth.

An Alternative Solution To Periodontal Disease

An infection of the gums, periodontal ligaments, alveolar bone, and other structures surrounding the teeth is called periodontal disease. Gingivitis, a condition of the gums, is the first sign of periodontal disease. The alveolar bone and the periodontal ligaments are both impacted by the more severe form of periodontal disease. Dental plaque, a sticky substance that forms on your teeth several hours after eating and without cleaning, is the source of the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Periodontal disease can be avoided by brushing your teeth frequently and visiting our dental office in Burbank.

We hope this blog has helped you to learn more about tooth extractions. Book an appointment with us at DNA Dental Studio for the best tooth extractions in Burbank, CA.