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What You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry?

You may have heard of cosmetic dentistry but are still a little unsure about what it entails. The ultimate objective of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the look of your smile and teeth. If you have ever felt bad about your smile, or wish that you could change one or two things, it could be time to talk to your dentist in Burbank, CA

Dr. Dino can determine which dental procedures are appropriate for your smile makeover based on your teeth and oral health. There may be circumstances where he recommends one or more procedures to give you a perfect smile.

What Are Popular Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures?

When it comes to investing in yourself, your appearance is a great start. One of the most attractive features people remember is your smile. Having a brilliant, glowing smile can affect how people treat you, including complete strangers! Here are some ways Dr. Dino can help you look your best.

  • Porcelain Veneers: If you have a tooth that is flawed on the surface, i.e., chipped or cracked teeth, stained enamel, teeth that are misshapen or too far apart—veneers might be perfect for you. They work by bonding a very thin porcelain shell that is shaped and shaded to blend with your tooth. Veneers do not stain, and if maintained properly, can last over ten years.
  • Professional Teeth Whitening: Having yellow or stained teeth can make is appear older than we are, having your teeth whitened can melt years from your face! Teeth whitening is a quick procedure that can be done in one dentist visit. This procedure is not permanent, and you may have to do touch-ups, especially if you drink coffee or wine!
  • Dental Crowns: While a veneer will cover the front surface of your tooth, a crown will wrap all the sides. Crowns are great if your tooth is fragile for various reasons, or if it is chipped or cracked. Like veneers, crowns can last for many years and are a long-term investment.

At DNA Dental Studio, we want to help you get the smile that dazzles everyone. Our dentist’s office has a broad spectrum of cosmetic dentistry services that will restore your confidence. We promise you won’t stop smiling after leaving our dental practice! Book your appointment today at DNA Dental Studi

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